Troubled waters: Why Manipur is fast losing its indigenous fish species

The construction of the Ithai barrage, pollution and overexploitation are mainly to blame.

Hailing from a fishing village in Manipur’s Loktak Lake, which has seen indigenous fish varieties flounder in recent decades, Tongbram Amarjit Singh’s dream project since his school days was to document and showcase the slowly fading traditional fishing practices of his community.

Mapping the decline in indigenous fish species, fish catch and the concurrent waning of traditional techniques of fishing through his grandparents’ and parents’ experiences, Singh was stirred to act to preserve and conserve a culture integral to the identity of his community.

Now Singh, 35, an English translator at the state Assembly, has given shape to his dreams, with the help of his family and community, in the form of the Loktak Folklore Museum, at the island village of Thanga in Loktak Lake.

Presenting an array of fishing gear – basketry items, traps, impalers, hooks, fishing rods, cotton and fabric twine and more, this private collection is dedicated exclusively to Loktak and its environment, said Singh, who belongs to the Thanga Tongbram Leikai locality….

Gouden Spreekbuis award for mortgage lenders goes to ABN AMRO

The Gouden Spreekbuis (‘golden megaphone’) is an award granted to mortgage lenders in recognition of improved communication, image and service. ABN AMRO has shown the greatest degree of improvement over the past year, and visibly does its best to help consumers.

The Gouden Spreekbuis (‘golden megaphone’) is an award granted to mortgage lenders in recognition of improved communication, image and service. ABN AMRO has shown the greatest degree of improvement over the past year, and visibly does its best to help consumers. ABN AMRO’s strong position derives mostly from the bank’s improved image and the progress that it has made in the standard of its service. The judges were impressed. “ABN AMRO realise that homes are an ideal vehicle for introducing sustainability into financial services. The bank is also ambitious: eventually, it wants all of its homes to have energy label A. ABN AMRO has investigated what factors prevent clients from taking steps toward sustainability. Not only does ABN AMRO finance the investment, it also makes the process as easy as possible by facilitating for parties that realise sustainability. What makes ABN AMRO’s sustainability efforts extraordinary is that the bank is not keeping this initiative to itself, but is making it available to the market as a whole. That is a sign of leadership.”

Director of Intermediary Sales of ABN AMRO, Ilse Veldman comments, “Having ended as runners-up three times, we’re proud to be taking home the Gouden Spreekbuis this time. ABN AMRO is grateful for the appreciation and trust that it evidences. The judges explicitly referred to our efforts to make it easier for both clients and advisors to improve the sustainability of their homes. That’s something that we’re working on all the time, and we’re incredibly proud what we’re doing. We look forward to further improving our services with and for the independent advisors that we work with.”

Gouden Spreekbuis

The Gouden Spreekbuis award is an initiative of market research firm Blauw Research. The Gouden Spreekbuis Lenders 2018 award ceremony took place at Mortgage Tech event held at the Wicked Grounds in Amsterdam. Guests included directors, marketeers and product and communication managers from the largest mortgage lending organisations and the broker channel in the Netherlands.

The nominations were decided based on the findings in the Imago Blauwdruk Hypotheekverstrekkers 2018 report on the mortgage sector. The winner was then selected by a panel of professionals made up of Dorine van Basten (national mortgage grader Nationaal Hypotheek Label), Nico Stolwijk (Dutch Homeowners Association Vereniging Eigen Huis), Michel Meijer (consultancy firm Van Bruggen Adviesgroep) and Ed Peelen (University of Amsterdam). Image is determined by the views of advisors that do not have any business relationship with the mortgage lender concerned, and the standard of service by the opinions of advisors that work with the mortgage lender. Other factors include the extent to which lenders actively help brokers to find solutions for clients and actually prioritise consumer interests. The other nominees for the Gouden Spreekbuis were BLG Wonen and ING. Further details about the nominees and the winner are available in the judges’ report.

Rs. 59 hike

New Delhi, September 30: Petrol price hike has been hiked by the recent rise in prices of fresh cooking gas. Rs 2.89 per subsidized cylinder and Rs 59 per capita on non-subsidized cylinder. IOC has raised prices at international prices.

Greencard Shortcut


Washington, Sept. 30: The Trump surge has extended the deadline for EB5 visa applications for a green card to allow permanent residence in the US. The deadline for the 2018 financial year ended on Sunday and extended to December 7. EB5 visa holders have a conditional green card in just two years. For the next two years, it can be applied to lift those terms. The United States gives 10 thousand EB-5 visas every year. Each country has a quota of 700. The United States Internal Security Department (DHS) has revealed that 307 applications have been received from India and 393 are currently available. Those who apply for this visa will have to pay Rs. 7.2 crores to invest. At least 10 American Americans are eligible to apply for a green card application including their family members.

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