nubia X with dual-display and Wi-Fi charging technology to launch on October 31st

“The nubia X will have a radical design with no camera, bezel/ notch on the front”

ZTE’s sub-brand, nubia will be launching its new flagship smartphone, the nubia X, on October 31st. However, before that, the company has gone ahead and shared a few interesting features of the upcoming handset on Weibo (China’s Twitter). It’s worth mentioning that the features were in Chinese and we had to seek help from Google Translate to decode what was written. Therefore, the details about some of the features remain somewhat vague.


To start with, the nubia X has been confirmed to come with dual displays: one on the front and the other at the back. The front screen is said to feature a “flexible OLED” panel (as per Google translate) that allows it to be curved from the edges. Moreover, the handset will flaunt an almost 100 percent screen-to-body ratio with no hindrance from notch/ bezel. Additionally, there will be no front-facing camera on the device – the back cameras combined with the secondary screen will be able to take selfies. The displays will also have an eye-protection mode.


While core specs of the handset were not shared, the company claimed it’ll come with “gaming-ready” hardware. Apart from this, the nubia X could come with a never-heard-before Wi-Fi charging technology. As the name suggests, the technology will wirelessly charge the device using Wi-Fi signals. How that’ll work, still remains a mystery to us. As for the price of the nubia X, the vendor claims that it would hover around RMB 10,000 (~Rs 1,05,000).

The features certainly bring high hopes from the offering, and we can’t wait to see how the nubia X smartphone will actually pan out. We’ll bring you all the updates about the device as and when they arrive, so keep watching the space.

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